Training Classes Offered


Classes offered at Fox Shooting Loft


OPATA Retiree Qualification Course **NEW**

Clinic Description:

Safety Briefing and general course of fire explanation and course of fire execution, cost $60.00

This course consists of all necessary requirements to meet the OPTA Retiree Qualification Course.  This course will also provide participants with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Class size: Students Checklist:

Minimum of 1 Students Functional Firearm

Maximum of 18 Students 25 rounds of ammunition


2 Magazines

Eye & Ear Protection

Drives License or Photo I.D.


Fox Hole Basics: 5 hours Classroom and Range

This in-depth course will explore all aspects of firearms: home plans, awareness levels, basic first aid, firearm safety, ammunition malfunctions, sights, cleaning, and so much more. Be sure to come ready to learn the basics! This course is combined with hands-on instruction with 3 different firearms and classroom instruction.


Intro to Pistol Shooting: 8 hours Classroom and Range

This course introduces you to the world of pistol shooting. You will gain knowledge in basic stance and grip, types of action/firing sequence, magazine, and ammunition. You will learn eye dominance. The purpose of this class is to give the novice shooter a clear understanding of firearm safety, function, and the fundamentals of pistol shooting.


NRA Basic Range Safety Officer: 8 hours Classroom

This courses teaches the basic duties that a Range Safety Officer (RSO) performs. It provides a thorough introduction to: the role of RSOs, range Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), range safety briefings, range inspections and rules, emergency procedures, and how to clear firearm stoppages and correct malfunctions.


Junior Shooters:     4 hours Classroom and Range

This course is designed for the Junior Shooter, ages 10 to about 16 years old. In this course, we will discuss topics such as firearm safety, storage, ammunition, and so much more. Students will be able to take a tour, and use the range. This course does NOT replace the DNR Hunter Safety Course.


Ohio CCW:     10 hours Classroom and Range

This is a comprehensive Ohio CCW class that will cover a wide range of topics. These include developing a personal protection plan, self-defense firearm basics, fundamentals of defensive shooting, legal use of force, violent encounters, and basic and advanced shooting skills. We will cover Ohio laws and get you on the range to qualify.


Defensive Handgun I (DH-I):   6 hours Classroom and Range

Students will learn the proper steps to setting up and clearing type 1, 2, & 3 malfunctions in a semi-automatic handgun, safe and effective holster draw, and shooting drills that improve marksmanship, accuracy, and speed.

***This class is mandatory in order to take Defensive Carbine 3 (DC-III)***


Defensive Carbine 1 (DC-I): 6 hours Classroom and Range

Students will learn and be able to label the major parts of an AR style rifle after this class. You will learn disassembly and reassembly, proper grip and stance, sight alignment and picture, trigger manipulation and follow-through and more!

***This class is mandatory in order to advance to DC-II***


Defensive Carbine 2 (DC-II): 8 hours Classroom and Range

Building on the skills from DH-I, students will discuss ammo carry considerations, use of cover/concealment, position, reloads, shooting prone, carry, low-ready and more. Come ready to learn and ready to move!

***This class is mandatory in order to advance to DH-III***


Defensive Carbine 3 (DC-III): 8 hours Classroom and Range

Ready to be put into a stressful scenario? Want to learn effective transition from rifle to handgun? This class will do it! Everything you have learned in DH-I, DC-I, and DC-II will prepare you for this class. You will further review reloads, stoppages and positions. You will move from cover, go cover-to-cover, working cover with transitions, shooting from dominant/non-dominant sides, and one-hand manipulations. This class is action-packed!


Course Cancellation Policy

All classes may be rescheduled or refunded up to 48 hours in advance. Within that 48 hours, all classes can be rescheduled for a $25 fee or you will lose the class. If you need to cancel  or reschedule for any reason please call and ask to speak to the Shift Lead on duty.